Church Partner Spotlight

Hear from staff and volunteers who care for sponsored children at Assemblées de Dieu Tona Kondji in Togo.
Pastor Aklobessi Koffi Hyacinthe with some of the children who attend the Compassion center at his church.

God is transforming the lives of children using sponsors like you and churches around the world who know and love their communities.

One such church is Assemblées de Dieu Tona Kondji, in Togo, which partners with Compassion to serve 280 children who live in poverty. Thanks to their sponsors, these kids go to a child development center at the church, where they get nutritious meals, Bible lessons, tutoring, health checkups, playtime and more.

Churches in Togo face unique challenges like spreading the gospel to the many families who practice Voodoo, and ensuring that rural families realize that school is just as important for girls as it is for boys. A lot of caring Christians must work together to release children in Tona Kondji from poverty. From the pastor to the cook, meet some of the staff and volunteers who care for  the children at the Centre de Dévélopement des Enfants, or “the project,” at Assemblées de Dieu Tona Kondji.

Aklobessi Koffi Hyacinthe, pastor

“When we reach out to women, we reach out to the whole community. Here in Togo in villages, it’s hard for women and girls to go to school. I’d love for girls to spend more time getting their education. They only [start] and don’t finish. But if they go to school, girls can be anything they want. … I’d like to thank the sponsors. Without them we couldn’t do that much. We are partners.”

Fabrice Adakanou, tutor

“I chose to teach in the project because I was already teaching children at church. … This project has done a lot in the life of the children in the community. Without this project, most of our kids in the community would not have food, and some wouldn’t have a place to sleep. I teach them here, and they shout my name and greet me. It makes me very proud.”

Adjo Gado, cook

“I wanted to be a part of the project because the project came to help us, and it’s not right for others to do everything. It’s our responsibility to bring our hearts and do what we can. I want to thank Compassion for the support. … It helps us to have something to offer at church on Sundays. We are so grateful for that. … On Fridays we come and wash everything the children are going to use. On Saturday morning we bring the clean dishes out and pray. After praying we divide into groups. One group prepares breakfast of tea and porridge. The other groups prepare lunch.”

Adjovi Sanyo, project director

“It’s important to work with children. I see the kids who were 6 and 7 years old when we started and who are now 13 and 14. They do well. In a couple of years [at the child development center], I want to have an income-generating activity. I want to raise chickens and have a garden.”

Marie Adjowavi, sponsored child

“The person who has influenced me most is Adjovi, the project director. She taught me how to take care of myself. … She also encouraged me to come to church on time and get involved in church activities. One day I want to be a schoolmistress because I love helping people.”

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Church Partner Spotlight

Hear from staff and volunteers who care for sponsored children at Assemblées de Dieu Tona Kondji in Togo.

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