Kenya Feature Story

Shaped With Purpose

Newfound faith and support empower one woman to thrive in the midst of the biggest health challenge of her life.

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More In This Issue: May 2016

Photo Essay

Building Skills to Build Futures

Beyond giving children a safe, clean place for health care, tutoring, nutritional supplements, and learning about Jesus, Compassion works with kids to help them develop vocational skills that will provide for their families. The training varies based on the needs of each community.
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Ecuador Feature Story

Language Lessons

A deaf woman connects with her sponsored children, who are also deaf, through sign language and a trip to their country.

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Ethiopia Feature Story

A Reason to Live

A young woman abducted into marriage experiences loss and devastation before finding help to go on.

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Week 49 – Longing to Learn 

Thailand   Education

Before a Compassion partner church intervened, children in the isolated village of Kotah, Thailand, weren’t getting the education they deserved. Many times the kids would show up for school, but the teachers wouldn’t. Thanks to the church’s efforts, sponsored children are learning skills their parents never did.

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Week 49 | 2018

Week 48 – Christmas in Colombia

Colombia   Child Development

Jarwin, a sponsored boy in Colombia, plays with a toy truck he received as a Christmas present from his Compassion center. It was the only gift he received last Christmas. He loves to play with it and wash it in front of his home.

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Week 48 | 2018

Week 47 – A Bright Future

Tanzania   Education

At a Compassion center in Tanzania, teens in the sponsorship program work on an electricity project. Their center offers vocational courses in trades such as electrician work, carpentry and baking to equip them for steady employment as adults.

 Prepare a Youth With Vocational Training

Week 47 | 2018