Uganda Medicine

For God’s Glory

Driven from her Muslim village, a woman receives help and a diagnosis that change everything.

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More In This Issue: August 2016

Burkina Faso Health

All Heart

How sponsors, donors and Compassion church partners were moved in their hearts to heal a little boy’s broken one.

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Compassionate Partners

Transforming Children’s Lives for 62 Years

Meet a retired schoolteacher in Georgia who has sponsored girls through Compassion since 1954.

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Compassionate Partners

Global Perspective

Six Maryland moms form a home-school cooperative to teach their children about poverty, cultures and how we’re all connected.

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Family Fun

Craft: A Basket of Goodies!

Recycle a cereal box for this family activity that will get kids excited to go back to school.

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Week 41 – Standing in the Gap

Bangladesh   Day in the Life

Sejoti, left, plays with a friend at their Compassion center. Sejoti wastes no time after school changing into her play clothes and hurrying to the center for games, Bible lessons, food and tutoring. Her sponsor in Texas makes it all possible. After Compassion activities, Sejoti will return home to help her parents with chores.

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Week 41 | 2018

Week 40 – Unexpected Daughter 

Bolivia   Child Development

Ten-year-old Nayely’s parents sacrificed a lot to give her a family. But when they couldn’t meet Nayely’s needs beyond love, a generous sponsor and church stepped in. Now when Nayely works up an appetite playing soccer at her Compassion center, she eats a warm meal afterward and doesn’t go to bed hungry.

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Week 40 | 2018

Week 39 – Breathing a bit easier


Chernaypaw still worries about her 14-month-old daughter Patnaree’s asthma. But since her Compassion center’s Survival Program stepped in, she now has medicines and treatments, and knows how to care better for her daughter’s condition. Now Chernaypaw can breathe a bit easier herself and enjoy fun-filled moments with her adorable little girl.

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Week 39 | 2018