Feature Story Kenya

Seeing With New Eyes

Wondering how they’ll meet their baby’s special needs, two Kenyan parents living in poverty embark on a desperate search for help.

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More In This Issue: March 2016

Fact Check

Responding to Water Challenges

Learn how the lack of safe water affects people in poverty and what Compassion does to help.

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Family Fun

Make a Rain Forest in a Bottle

A fun science project for children and their families brought to you by our children's magazine, Compassion Explorer!

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Week 33 – Dressed in their everyday best


These sisters in Bolivia smile as they walk to school wearing nice, clean uniforms that their Compassion center helped provide. For many children in poverty, their school uniforms are the nicest clothes they own.

 How does Compassion support education?

Week 33 | 2018

Week 32 – Not a number to God


Did you know that 1 in 5 children worldwide die from a waterborne disease? Fiona, from Rwanda, is not a statistic. She’s a child with hopes and dreams for what she could become. Safe water and good hygiene will help her avoid getting sick so she can attend school more often, and move closer toward her brighter future.

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Week 32 | 2018

Week 31 – Blessed


He may not have much else, but this little boy from Bolivia has a bicycle, which means he also has a rocket ship, a race car, a noble steed, or anything else he can imagine it to be. To a boy on his bicycle – even one living in poverty – the world is full of wonder.

 See the difference a bicycle can make

Week 31 | 2018