Feature Story Kenya

Seeing With New Eyes

Wondering how they’ll meet their baby’s special needs, two Kenyan parents living in poverty embark on a desperate search for help.

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More In This Issue: March 2016

Fact Check

Responding to Water Challenges

Learn how the lack of safe water affects people in poverty and what Compassion does to help.

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Family Fun

Make a Rain Forest in a Bottle

A fun science project for children and their families brought to you by our children's magazine, Compassion Explorer!

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Week 25 – Scenes from around the world

Burkina Faso  

Life looks a lot different for children living in poverty in the developing world. Imagine life without a car, without electricity, without safe water. Then imagine a sponsor like you stepping in to change that.

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Week 25 | 2018

Week 24 – The love of a father


“As a dad, my role is to help my son and educate him to have good morals so he can go further and succeed in life.” Laurent Bamalae leads his son, Bamely Chao, and teaches him how to grow corn. Compassion sponsors and supporters helped Bamalae and his family to have a house and farm of their own.

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Week 24 | 2018

Week 23 – Summer fun


Splashing in the creek is a great way to stay cool in the summer sun. For a moment, these boys in Thailand forget their poverty and feel the pure joy of being a child. Thanks to sponsors and supporters like you, children in poverty around the world enjoy moments like these more often.

Week 23 | 2018