Week 38 – The Goliath in Axel’s head


Ten-year-old Axel, from Honduras, knew something was wrong when he didn’t have the balance or energy to play soccer with his friends after school. Doctors said he had hydrocephalus – fluid in the brain – and a pea-size tumor. Compassion helped Axel’s family pay for his lifesaving surgery.

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Week 38 | 2018

Week 37 – Out of the dark and into the light


Moms around the world do all they can to keep their children safe. But for children living in poverty, the risk of abuse, exploitation and trafficking abounds. It’s a dark and desperate place. But sponsors and supporters of Compassion give moms a network of caring Christian adults in the fight to keep children safe.

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Week 37 | 2018

Week 36 – … And His children will have a refuge


Refugee children whose parents fled the war and conflict in Myanmar and crossed the border into Thailand are at the greatest risk of falling victim to trafficking. Compassion helps children find a path to Thai citizenship, where they have access to education, health care and job opportunities.

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Week 36 | 2018

Week 35 – Forging a path all her own


Rachel, a 16 year-old girl from Kenya, stands proud. Her community expects her to marry young and care for children. But Rachel has a dream of finishing her education and becoming a teacher. Her sponsor is helping her make her dream a reality.

 Help teens chase their dreams

Week 35 | 2018

Week 34 – Say “Queso!”


Vanessa, 11, lives in a small home with her parents and five siblings in Bolivia. She’s learning to love her smile because her Compassion center is teaching the kids her age about the importance of dental hygiene.

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Week 34 | 2018

Week 33 – Dressed in their everyday best


These sisters in Bolivia smile as they walk to school wearing nice, clean uniforms that their Compassion center helped provide. For many children in poverty, their school uniforms are the nicest clothes they own.

 How does Compassion support education?

Week 33 | 2018

Week 32 – Not a number to God


More than 2.1 billion people globally lack clean drinking water at home. Fiona, from Rwanda, is not a statistic. She’s a child with hopes and dreams for what she could become. Safe water and good hygiene will help her avoid getting sick so she can attend school more often, and move closer toward her brighter future.

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Week 32 | 2018

Week 31 – Blessed


He may not have much else, but this little boy from Bolivia has a bicycle, which means he also has a rocket ship, a race car, a noble steed, or anything else he can imagine it to be. To a boy on his bicycle – even one living in poverty – the world is full of wonder.

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Week 31 | 2018

Week 30 – Fueling the desire to escape


Goretti and her three young children live in a violent slum in Kampala, Uganda, rife with gun violence, drugs and poverty. But she dreams of a better future for her kids. She labors, scooping up charcoal to sell in the marketplace so one day she can buy land and move somewhere safe. Compassion supporters are helping to move that day closer.

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Week 30 | 2018

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