Week 13 – A joyful ride

Peru   Child Development

Adela, 8, rides through her neighborhood in Peru on a bike she received as a Christmas gift. Bicycles can improve educational outcomes for students living in poverty by reducing travel times to and from school.

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Week 13 | 2019

Week 11 – Livestock for livelihood

Thailand   Business

Goats are life for Treewit, a sponsored teenager in Thailand, whose family raises and sells livestock for income. Compassion’s church partners help many families start generating income. Sometimes a gift from a sponsor is all it takes to start a small business.

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Week 11 | 2019

Week 10 – Under the Kenyan sun

Kenya   Child Development

After years of evictions over unpaid rent, Collins and his widowed grandmother moved into their own home on the grassy plains. Their church built the home for Collins, a sponsored 14-year-old who was orphaned as a toddler, and his grandmother with the help of Compassion supporters. 

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Week 10 | 2019

Week 9 – Growing in faith

Indonesia   Faith

“My favorite thing about the [Compassion] program is that I get to study the Bible,” says Clarisa, 10, praying with her mom at their home. “I think it’s important to pray because God takes care of us. … I like to pray for my mom, dad and sponsor, and that I would get good grades.”

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Week 9 | 2019

Week 8 – To cast a wider net

Uganda   Business

A boy plays near a boat in a Ugandan village, where most families fish for a living. Compassion’s church partners help empower families to earn sustainable incomes. In some cases, a boat motor or other fishing gear is all it takes.

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Week 8 | 2019

Week 7 – Hope after loss

Peru   Disaster Relief

Melany, 6, plays in a hammock outside the temporary structure where she and her family live in Peru. Her dad is rebuilding the home they lost in a flood. Because Melany is sponsored, her church was able to give her family immediate relief supplies, as well as a sturdy iron roof for their new home.

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Week 7 | 2019

Week 6 – Reasons to smile

Togo   Child Survival

This mother and baby in Togo go to their local church for food, medicine and spiritual guidance. The church partners with Compassion to help children survive their most vulnerable years — the first five — and beyond.

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Week 6 | 2019

Week 5 – Healing from heartbreak

Kenya   Child Development

Eight-year-old Kasola lives with his grandmother Rael in a mud hut in Kenya. His father is in jail, accused of killing his mother. He and his brothers are starting to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually after church workers in their village heard their story and registered them in Compassion’s program.

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Week 5 | 2019

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