Week 20 – A home for orphaned elephants

Kenya   Child Development

When the “cared for” become the “caregivers”: Edwin Lusichi was sponsored as a child. Now he runs an orphaned elephant nursery in Nairobi. Because of the love and compassion he received from his sponsors as a child, he now pays it forward to care for the animals.

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Week 20 | 2018

Week 19 – Hope for moms and babies


In poverty-stricken parts of the world, more than 25,000 children younger than 5 die each day due to conditions that are preventable and treatable. But thankfully, Compassion supporters are changing the story and helping moms and their babies to thrive in those critical first years.

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Week 19 | 2018

Week 18 – A story of redemption


His smile tells a story of redemption – for him and his mom. Eleven-year-old Lenkai, in Kenya, was abandoned as a newborn. A woman named Nasinde found him and raised him, giving glory to God for answering her desperate prayer for a child of her own.

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Week 18 | 2018

Week 16 – A safety net in times of crisis

Colombia   Disaster Relief

When the heavy rains come, many children living in poverty, like Jesus Fontalvo in Colombia, worry whether their meager homes will withstand the storms. Many don’t. Poverty leaves no margin for disaster, but gifts and prayers from supporters like you give Jesus and his family a safety net in times of crisis.

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Week 16 | 2018

Week 15 – A Gift, A Godsend

Ghana, Africa   Business

Benedicta is shy 11-year-old girl like so many others in her community in Ghana. But she smiles a lot. She smiles because a generous gift from her sponsors allowed her father to open a small store that has changed her family’s lives.

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Week 15 | 2018

Week 14 – Measuring Success

Dominican Republic   Child Survival

Infant survival rates have gone up as Compassion centers in the Dominican Republic help moms care for babies through regular checkups, care coaching and food supplementation. There’s nothing that brings a mother more joy than having a healthy, thriving baby!

Did you know that in many countries, parents don’t even name their newborns until one or two months after they’re born? Infant death rates are so high —especially immediately following birth — that parents wait to see if the child will survive. But God said He knows and cares for each child. Help us care for women and babies through the Survival initiative.

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Week 14 | 2018

Week 12 – Safe Haven

Indonesia   Child Development

Children who live in poverty don’t always have safe places to play and learn. But sponsorship allows kids, like these friends in Indonesia, to just be kids! Learn how a widow in Indonesia was able to move her two young boys into a safer home thanks to Compassion’s church-run program.”

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Week 12 | 2018

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